See you at Vape Expo China on Oct 20-23 in Shenzhen

 Source: reedhuabo       Updated: 2018-06-12

We had great success on our national tour shows in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang. Now we are focusing on inviting the buyers for our Vape Expo China to be held on October 20-23 in Shenzhen.


Vape Carnival · Shanghai: our exhibitors boosted popularity in China’s Yangtze River Delta region, and conducted business negotiations with hundreds of vape store owners; vapers took part in the Cloud Competition and Vaping Tricks show.


Vape Carnival · Beijing: every exhibitor had 10-15 minutes’ presentation on the stage to promote their brands and products among the local vape store owners, distributors, agents, and vapers in northern China.


Vape Carnival · Shenyang: our exhibitors closed deals and achieved cooperation with the local vape store owners, agents, and distributors from northeastern China.

Upcoming event: Vape Expo China on October 20-23 in Shenzhen!

With 24 years’ experience of organizing China’s biggest Gift & Home show, and the database of around 400,000 buyers in China’ s Gift industry, we are sparing no effort to invite potential buyers for our exhibitors and help them expand market presence in China’s vapor industry.