Great Success on Reed Huabo the 2nd Vape Expo China (Shenzhen)

 Source: reedhuabo       Updated: 2018-06-12

Reed Huabo the 2nd Vape Expo China came to a successful end on October 23rd in Hall 3 of Shenzhen Convention Center. We had around 140 companies and brands from home and abroad exhibiting at our expo, and welcomed tens of thousands of visitors on October 20th-23rd.


We organized a lot of activities during the four days of our expo: On October 20th, we held New Product Release, with around 40 exhibitors presenting their brands and new products among the audience;

On October 21st, we went through Typhoon weather, but still had unexpected good traffic;

On October 22nd, we had great success on the 1st Vaping Tricks Competition in China, thanks to Isaac, Johnny, Brandon and Jenn from VGOD team, Kai from ATOM and Cristian from Elevate USA being our judges, and Zach from VGOD performing during the competition;

On October 23rd, we had the 1st Vape Queen Competition as well as Top 10 Best eJuice Award.

   New Product Release

The 1st Vaping Tricks Competition in China

The 1st Vape Queen Competition

Top 10 Best eJuice Award

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