2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China – More than Vape

 Source: Reedhuabo       Updated: 2018-12-07

        Reed Huabo Vape Expo---known as RHBVE, has officially announced its fair date in 2019. After 4-year expos’ successful experience in shenzhen, RHBVE decided to bring its date earlier to August 29th -31st ,2019, since they has made plenty marketing research and got the feedback exhibitors would have more sufficient produce and transportation time for expo’s orders. Meanwhile, overseas buyers could bring the next half year’s orders in the expo since August is the end of summer holiday.

        As the partner of china’s only official e-cig association, ECCC, RHBVE has variety of top brand exhibitors in E-cig, E-liquid, pods, kits, heat-not-burn device, etc. They would have chance to held the 2nd China Vape Industry summit during the expo, as the first edition has achieved a great success by cooperating with APVI( Indonesia vape association), ECTA(Canada vape association), and Intersteam(Germany Expo’s organizer).

        International buyers would be the main target visitors of RHBVE 2019, since RHBVE has already made detailed plan to invited buyers by visiting overseas expo, media advertisements and collaborations with other countries’ vape association.

        RHBVE have specialized exhibit area for different countries’ group. For instance, RHBVE has reach an agreement with Intersteam vape expo, bringing China’s exhibitors group to vape expo berlin?Germany in June 14th-16th, and Intersteam would bring exhibitors and visitors from Europe to Shenzhen vape exopo in August 29th -31st.     




        Highlights of the 5th Shenzhen Vape Expo

•150 Exhibitors and over 30,000 visitors; 

•10,000sqm exhibition area; 

•Database of over 2,000 vape stores and leading vape distributors across China; 

•Database of 500,000 buyers with 26 years' experience in organizing the leading Gift & Home Show in China; 

•Supported by China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee(ECCC).